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color poetry

Posted 06 February 2013 – 09:47 AM

My raspberry cranberry doorNewly paintedStarkly present


To faded grey-green walls

Bleached by Florida’s


Welcomes those

Who can’t miss

Its new presence.


Posted 30 January 2013 – 10:07 AM

Terriic toddler inpolka dots and stripesAs complex as all nature

In multi-hued Pollack-like display

But amid the racing patterns her eyes

Shine through with their true blue essence.


Posted 31 January 2013 – 10:06 AM

Sixteen gleaming greens

glisten in sunshine’s sheen on

myriad trees’ leaves.



February 4:Striated ribbons

Decorate the skyline

In iridescence and spendor

Each cloud a color-filled canvas

Each sunray light’s briliant illumination

From the Master Designer’s infinte paintbox

Sharing multicolored rainbows’ promises for another day.


Posted 05 February 2013 – 09:40 AM

Like ghostly galleons
Cruising the grey-tinged waves
Moon’s shadows ply their spectral shades
 Across the pond’s ripples reflecting silvered shimmers
 Of sentinel pines keeping night-watch.
Morning gives chase and conquers.
Posted 08 February 2013 – 09:10 AM







out into its


Searching through

blue’s wideness to touch

another piece of universe’s

enveloping embrace where it

fulfils its purpose to beautify the

landscape and glorify God’s world.


Posted 10 February 2013 – 02:29 PM

Glistening diamonds
Brilliance personified

As sun illuminates each

Prismed surface after

Seasonal snow falls.


Imagine the creator’s

Genius using only

Pristine white’s palette

That each snowflake

Is unique, as we are!


Posted 14 February 2013 – 03:52 PM

Reds, Greens, and BluesTake on new significanceI’ve noticed,

When strung on a harp

Gently played on a

Rainy Valentine afternoon.

So it is:

Played in harmony

Each of our colors

Enriches and beautifies

Our world’s melody

Gracing each other

With alike significance

When played by the



February 20

Statuesque skeletal sycamoreReaches her bare arms heavenwardInviting sticky snowflakes to blanket

Her with a fluffy white sweater mantle

To ward off winter’s whipping wind.