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My Psalms Devotional Guide

Psalms in the Bible express worship to God in the form of poetic expression. Some are songs; many have been used in music. Within the Biblical Psalms can be found history, prayer, every possible emotion, and worship of all sorts.

In this book of original psalms, not at all designed to be scriptural, but based upon my worship and praise times, the author has created dozens of original Psalms of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication, and reaction to life events. Devotional entries include an original Psalm, Scripture and Think about These Things Reflections, Traditional hymn texts, and a place to journal.

All “My Psalms” and Choice Hymns are meant to lead the reader to prayer and worship, to fellowship with the God who created, sustains, loves, guides, and yearns for us to come to Him often.

He is at once Almighty, Counselor, Creator, Lover of our souls, and worthy of all praise, but to those who know Him best, He is Abba Father. We can come to Him in every moment, in every circumstance, and we are sure to encounter Him in relationship through His Son, Jesus Christ.

This guide can be used as a daily devotional, a group study, or without a specific time line. If a topic is specifically relatable, the reader is encouraged to stay a while and deal with topics which speak to his individual circumstance. May each entry encourage and strengthen faith and devotion to the Lord.